Miguel and Wesley are playing golf at their favorite course, but on every hole they are being held up by a two-ball of women who are always half a hole ahead.

The women are great golfers, but they are playing terribly slow. Finally, after watching the women in the distance as they stood over their putts for what seemed like an eternity, Wesley decided to do something.

“I’ll walk ahead and ask them if we can play through,” Wesley said. He set off down the fairway, walking towards the women. But when he got halfway, he stopped, turned around and headed back to where Miguel waited.

“Can’t do it,” Wesley said, sounding mighty embarrassed. “One of them is my wife and the other is my mistress!”

“OK,” Miguel said with understanding. “Then I’ll go ask them.”

Miguel started up the fairway, only to stop halfway and turn back.

“What’s wrong?” Wesley asked when Miguel got back.

To which Miguel could only reply: “Small world, isn’t it?”