We are still open for golf through Tuesday November 10, 2020.

1st Tee Time 8 am – Last Tee Time 4:30 pm

Book online or call us at 330-335-3375


Pine Valley Golf Club will stay open for play(weather permitting) through November 1, 2020!

Thank You for a great season!

With the upcoming bad weather we will be closed.

We will not have regular clubhouse hours so call or email us to see if we will be in

or you need to get a gift card or equipment.


If there are several days of good weather forecasted you can check the

website or our Facebook page to see if we will allow golfers out.

We will be aerifying the greens this weekend.

With the cold temps we will be closed to get the greens done.

Thank you for your patronage.


Due to lack of play,

the cold weather &

Impending rain

We will be closed Saturday afternoon.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Tee Times available Today, Saturday & Sunday.

What are you waiting for?

Friday – Cloudy upper 50’s

Saturday – Chance of rain in afternoon mid 50’s

Sunday – Cloudy upper 50’s

Make a tee time online or give us a call at 330-335-3375.

Season is winding down, but some nice weather this weekend.

Saturday tee times available all day and

Sunday there is an outing starting at 9:30 so call for tee time.

Women’s & Men’s Polo’s & 3/4 Zip Jackets

$29.50 – $49.99

Hat’s, Can’t forget the hats


We also have t-shirts.

$10.75 – $22.75

Sign Up Today

This will be a fun event and helps support a great group.

Contact Cindy Brode at cbrode@medinacountyspca.com

to register.

Deadline is October 10th

Mild Temperatures and Sunny Days.

Don’t miss out this week.

Make your tee time online or give us a call