What I saw on Sunday was the way the leader after 72 holes should play. Francesco Molinari played to win and not just hang on. His 62 on Sunday was dominant as he never let off the pedal even after opening a big lead with only several holes to go. No prevent defense for this champion as every chance he got to add to his score he took it. No laying up or hitting to the middle of the green, he hit every fairway except for one and didn’t miss many greens in regulation.

So many times we see teams and athletes play it safe or play not to lose and inevitably they lose because their mindset isn’t right. If you have a youngster who plays golf and really wants a career they should replay this round and see what Francesco did on every hole. If you look back at Tiger Woods when he first started he played the same way. He wanted to dominate his opponents. He just plain wanted it more than they did.

Steve Combs