Accidents and injuries

Something happens to some people when they get behind the wheel of a golf cart. Some think it is a 4 wheeler and they can go anywhere or through anything with it. Some treat them like demolition derby cars and some think they are at the Indianapolis 500. A golf cart is a motorized moving vehicle just like your car and most people wouldn’t treat their cars like this so why do some golfers feel entitled to treat a golf courses property with out regard. Here is some information on cart accidents and injuries. When you come and play golf here or at any other course, please be safe when driving a golf cart.

Some of the main causes of injury related to golf cart accidents included cart overturn, falling/jumping from a moving golf cart, collision with another vehicle or stationary object, struck/run over by a cart, getting into or out of a moving cart. Out of all these, “falling or jumping from a golf cart” was the most common cause of injury for both adults and children.[12]

The most common type of injury was soft tissue damage, usually just bruises, followed by fractures, constituting 22.3% of the cases, and lacerations, accounting for 15.5% of injuries.[12] Other types of injuries include concussions, internal injuries, subdural hematomaspinal cord injury, or acute respiratory compromise. While rare, a few cases had severe outcomes: 4 fatalities, 2 paraplegic, and 1 quadriplegic injuries have been documented.[13]